Random Rogue Sound Studios

What can we say about Random Rogue Sound Studios? We could say the following:

Random Rogue Sound Studios is world reknown for its state-of-the-art facilities. Employing dozens of multitrack recording sytems, both analog and digital, by the top manufacturers, Random Rogue Sound Studios is suitable for any size project. With more than a thousand components, including mixers, amplifiers, equalizers, compressors, and effects units, plus hundreds of top-quality microphones and an enormous assortment of instruments of every kind, it is no wonder that the biggest names in music of all genres travel from all parts of the world to record here.

Upon entering the main studio building, one finds several rooms whose walls are covered with the many hundreds of gold and platinum records for recordings done at our facilities. Shelves are lined with Grammy awards, along with an occasional Oscar and Tony. Viewing the plaques on the awards gives a hint of the depth and scope of the artists who have made Random Rogue Sound Studios their studio of choice.

The studio grounds and buildings, on several acres just outside Boston, are indeed up to the same standards as the electronics. With 23 recording rooms, 2 of them outdoors, we can naturally achieve virtually any room ambience desired, from a small, intimate room to our concert hall to our amphitheatre.

During recording breaks, our private lake offers boating and swimming, our wooded areas offer nature walks, and our meadows offer serenity. We also provide tennis and basketball courts (indoors and outdoors), golf (both a professional 18-hole course and a miniature course), racquetball, and complete fitness facilities.

And our gourmet dining rooms provide the nourishment for our visiting artists and our top-notch staff.

We could say that, but it wouldn't be true.

The truth is that Random Rogue Sound Studios is really just me (Roy Rubinstein) with my equipment, currently consisting of a fairly powerful computer with lots of audio software, a mixing board, a 4-track, a few effects units, a few instruments, a MIDI sound module, amps and speakers, microphones, and a few miscellaneous other things. Not quite as extensive as the equipment above.

I am located just outside Boston (that part was true!), but the physical facilities for Random Rogue Sounds Studios is essentially just one room in my house. But wherever I take my equipment, I consider that to be Random Rogue Sound Studios. It's more a state of mind (my mind, that is, along with my equipment) than the physical location.

Most of what has been produced at Random Rogue Sound Studios has just been for myself and is not likely to ever be publicly available. The one notable exception is the CD Giving Youth a Voice: Music from The Hot Spot, which was produced by Robin Lane and partially recorded and completely mixed by me at Random Rogue Sound Studios.

So, if you have a relatively small project that you want to do, I can handle it from recording through mixing through burning a CD. Contact me (click here for email address) about it. If I like your stuff, I'll work cheap. :-)

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