Random Rogue

Welcome to Random Rogue.

What is Random Rogue?
Random Rogue is the "umbrella" name covering various endeavors of Roy Rubinstein.
This site is still under construction, and it has not yet been determined just what these endeavors will be, but this is a start.
Endeavors and links to them
Other Possible Future Uses of the Random Rogue Name
The origin of the name Random Rogue
I came up with the name Random Rogue in 1986, while I was a graduate student. Though I had been using computers at schools for years, I had recently gotten my first home computer, an Amiga 1000 (which I still have), and was getting on some local bulletin board systems. I needed an alias, and I came up with the name Random Rogue based on several things:
  1. It shares my initials
  2. My doctoral thesis had to do with randomness
  3. I was spending way too much time playing the game Rogue
And Random Rogue was born.

I expect to be adding more to this site in the future, but just what or when remains to be seen.

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